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Anonymous said: fernando torres

I just posted some new pics. You can find the older stuff here!

On Fernando Torres’ left arm you can also see a tattoo that says Olalla (his wife)
Find more info here
Fernando Torres’ arm tattoos show personal things.
On his left arm he has a tengwar tattoo (from Lord of the Rings) saying Fernando
On his right arm you can see Nora for his daughter and a 9 on his wrist for his shirt number

Find more here
James Rodriguez’ arm tattoo
James Rodriguez’ arm tattooDoes anyone know what it shows?

Anonymous said: i dont know if you speak french but what did griezmann say the FAME meant on his arm? did he say it at all? i know this is a huge~ request but (if you understood the interview) do you think you could summarize what he said? thank you sO MUCH i wish i could speak french bc i dont understand anything in any of his interviews -.-

I only speak a little French unfortunately… buuut here is a summary of everything I understand:

- his tattoo is NOT a homenage to his idol David Beckham

- when he was 13 years old he wanted tattoos

- he started with a Virgin Mary with a phrase including something with dream and reality (I don’t understand it well :/ ) and afterwards his parents’ initials and the Christ

- he says he is quite religious (the interviewer asks about it because of all the religious symbols)

- the hope tattoo ons is finger is a tribute to Chris Brown 

- the FAME tattoo is inspired by Chris Brown, too. 
(I did some research on this. I found out that Chris Brown says it means either Forgiving All MEnemies or Fans Are MEverything. What Antoine says sounds more like For all my enemies, but I could also mishear it (took me a while to figure out he was saying Chris Brown, too, haha))

- and I think he wants to finish the right arm first before starting anything on the left

I’m not sure if I translated it correctly! So if something looks very weird it might be my mistake! (I don’t take responsibilty for the correctness of this information, just in case :) )

I hope I could help you :)

Anonymous said: James Rodriguez tattoo on his left arm

It’s something written.. with a symbol. I can’t figure out what is says or shows unfortunately. I’m going to post the best pics I’ve found so far, but you can’t really see what it is. I’m pretty clueless :(

Anonymous said: Erik durm tatoo

It’s just his arm, isn’t it? That’s online now :)

Anonymous said: Could you please do Álvaro negredo


Erik Durm’s tattoo show Christ on a cross. Underneath these religious symbols you can read (here not really visible) the dates of birth of his mother and father and three keywords: Familie, Glück, Gesundheit (family, happiness/luck, health)

(Source: lenareus)

Alvaro Negredo’s arm tattoo: you can see stars which are dedicated to his family (he kisses the tattoo very much to thank his family for all the support) and a rosary
Alvaro Negredo’s wrist tattoo

To all the anons asking for Neymar and James Rodriguez:

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I get requests about some players a lot, but I already published a lot about them.. everything I found so far. If you want to know something specific, please ask. But to all the requests just containing their names all I can say is check out the following links:

Neymar’s tattoos

James Rodriguez’ tattoos

jamxsrodriguez said: Antoine griezmann #France please :)

Done, I hope you like it :)

Antoine Griezmann's tattoos - video in French

I found this vid where he explains all of his tattoos, you can also see his finger tattoo “HOPE” and some other details in it.

Unfortunately there are no subtitles, but if you don’t understand French you can just watch it for the pictures anyways :)